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What Makes NFLLU Different

Who We Are

NFL Leagues United and its non-profit local leagues, were established by a group of former NFL players and San Diego marketing executive Brock Watson to offer a new approach to student athletic development. Youth sports tend to narrowly focus on success-based athletic achievement, but NFLLU aims to bridge the gap between dedication to sports and commitment to academics for youth and high school athletes. Through our core values of Education, Community, Athletic Development, and Athletic Assessment, NFLLU takes a comprehensive approach to providing student athletes the tools they need to succeed on the field, in the classroom, and beyond.


NFLLU has developed a unique aspect to game day to drive home the importance of being academically prepared. Our 1pt extra point attempts feature an academic challenge question based on grade level.


NFLLU collaborates closely with community leaders to establish a sense of family through community outreach programs and special events.

 Athletic Development

NFLLU believes in long-term development over short-term success, focusing on the HOW and WHY of proper techniques to prepare for the next level.

Athletic Assessment

NFLLU partners with FastPlay Athletics to teach student athletes to assess and monitor their own athletic development.

I want to welcome you to the Mira Mesa High School’s campus and thank you for your support of your child in particapating in a youth football passing league. NFLLU (NFL leagues United) is an indispensable partner in our efforts in bridging the gap between youth and high school sports as well as strengthen bonds within our local communities. Lets have fun and compete.
Gary Blevins
Head Football Coach
Mira Mesa High School

What We Do

NFLLU’s process takes a Stair Step approach to athletics and education, customized for each age group. This means instead of a constantly escalating target of success, student athletes improve through slow and steady growth that contributes to an increased sense of confidence. Throughout the NFLLU program, coaches closely monitor academics during the playing season, and players who don’t meet academic standards are benched until improvement is established.

Age 5-6

Learn the fundamentals of football with 6 on 6 teams while developing motivation techniques to succeed in the classroom.

Age 7-10

Develop skills for tackle football and progress to more competitive training with 6 on 6 and 5 on 5 teams while coaches continue to promote academic motivation along with responsibility and accountability.

Age 11-14

Progress to 7 on 7 and non-padded 8-man teams utilizing the full width of the field to prepare for high school football while advancing techniques for academic motivation, responsibility and accountability.


NFL Leagues United is the only youth flag league in San Diego that was founded with the specific mission of developing student athletes and providing valuable resources for our kids to succeed on and off the field.

NFL Leagues United Ambassadors