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Are you part of NFL Flag San Diego

No. We are not affiliated with NFL Flag San Diego. However, we are one of many NFL Flag leagues across the country and are the only NFL Flag league in San Diego that is founded and operated by former NFL and NCAA players. NFL Leagues United is the official league of the NFL Alumni Association.

When does the season start?

Spring: Practices begin mid-late Feb. First Game mid-March. Fall: Practices begin mid-late August. First Game Sept 1

When are games played

Games are played on Saturdays. Game times will vary between 8am and 7pm.

Where are games played

Unlike many other flag football leagues, NFLLU games are played on a rotation of local high schools to ensure the best possible playing surface and experience for your child.

How many kids on a team

NFLLU strives to provide the best possible developmental environment for your child. Therefore, we make every attempt to fill each team’s roster with 2x the number of kids on the field for a given team so that practices can be run against a full team. 5 on 5 teams will have 10 kids (12 max), 6 on 6 will have 12 kids (14 max), 7 on 7 will have 14 kids (16 max), 8-man will have 16 (18 max). *The ability to fill the rosters will be subject to the number of registrations in your area.

How is 7 on 7 different from 5 on 5 and 6 on 6

The 7 on 7 divisions are made for your son/daughter to take the first step into high school style football. This division is when your local high school football coaches will become involved with your child’s team to install some of the techniques they require at the next level. This also gives our parents and guardians the opportunity to get to know their child’s future coach and ask any questions they may have. The kids will also be introduced to a larger field in this division (50×50). This is a non contact division (stalk blocking only) made up of 7 skill players.

What is non-padded 8-man

Our 8-man division is focused on the final step before moving to high school football. This division includes 3 linemen and 5 skill players on each side of the ball. This gives the opportunity for the big guys/girls upfront to get some work in with the skill positions. Since it is non-padded all blocking must be stalk blocking style… meaning hands only. Field dimensions are 50×50.

Where are practices

Practices are held at a location determined by your team’s head coach.

How many days and how long are practices

Practices are held at least once a week. There is no max for the number of times a team may practice. However, no practice can run longer than 1.5 hours and all practice times and dates must be agreed upon by majority of parents and the coach.

How long is the season

The regular season runs for 8-10 weeks and post season is 2-3 (1-2 playoffs and 1 Super Bowl)

Does everyone make the post season

Yes. Every team has the opportunity to play post season.

How is playing time regulated

Playing time is regulated differently per age division. Age Groups 5-6 and 7-8: Players are mandated to get equal playing time to enable every player to develop and learn the basics of football. Age Group 9-10: At this age group, we want to start to develop the understanding that you must work to get what you want and things will not just be given to you in life. Coaches will be instructed to give playing time to those that have shown high work ethic, and not solely based on skill level. As such, players are guaranteed a min of 8 plays. Age Groups 11-12 and 13-14: At this age group, we are preparing our young athletes to take the next step into high school, where playing time is never guaranteed, it is earned 100%. Therefore, playing time at this level is solely the coaches decision.

Additionally, NFLLU is invested in not only your child’s athletic development, but academic as well. With this in mind, if any child is found to be underperforming in the classroom for an extended amount of time, they will be ineligible to play in that week’s game. Kids that are found to be underperforming will be provided academic assistance to bring their performance back up to an acceptable level. If you would like more information on how your child’s academic performance is monitored please contact us at

Note: If there is ever an issue of unjustified playing time or lack thereof, please contact your league site director 

Are Soft-Shell Helmets required

NFLLU takes the safety of your children very seriously and we make every attempt to make sure your child is playing the game in a safe manner. Soft shell helmets are recommended but not required. There are some misconceptions that the soft shell helmets help prevent against head injuries such as concussions, THIS IS NOT ACCURATE. Soft shell helmets can however, help prevent superficial injuries such as cuts and bruises. If you would like to purchase a soft-shell helmet for your child, we can recommend a product for you. If you have questions regarding concussions and/or other safety issues related to youth football, please attend one of our safety workshops or reach out to us via email.

Excerpt directly from a major soft-shell supplier website: WARNING: This is a soft-shell football helmet that was designed for non-contact use only. Do not modify, change, or alter this helmet in any way. This headgear does not prevent head injuries, concussion, and other damages to your person. It should not be used as an instrument in contact sports. It should not be used as a replacement for a protective helmet. Football is a dangerous sport, which may result in serious injuries or even death.

Can I choose the team my child plays on

Yes. You can request to be placed on a specific team by indicating which coach you would like your child to play for during the registration process.

Are there any additional fees besides initial registration

There are no additional fees for your child to play (you are responsible for your child’s mouthpiece and cleats). However, any extra equipment and/or participation in other events such as FastPlay Athletics Camps will have additional fees. There are no requirements for team sponsorships.

Will my child have the opportunity to meet professional athletes

Yes. As mentioned, NFLLU is founded and operated by former NFL and NCAA players and is the official league of the NFL Alumni Association. As such, NFL and NCAA players will be in attendance throughout the season.

Can I sign up to coach

Yes. There are specific requirements that need to be met in order for you to be an NFLLU coach. One of which is attending the seasonal mandatory coaches meeting. Coaches also receive child registration and other benefits as a thank you for giving your time to our young athletes. If you are interested in coaching please visit here for more information.

Do you offer refunds

We understand that life happens and there may be circumstances that force you to withdraw your registration for the season. Refund Policy:
1.5 months prior to start of registered season: Refund less uniform fee of no less than $50
1 month prior to the start of registered season: Refund less uniform fee of no less than $50 or 75% of fees already paid (whichever is greater)
2 weeks prior to the start of registered season: No Refund

All registrations paid via card will be refunded to the card used during registration. Cash and check registration refunds will be by check and distributed by mail to the address on file.


NFL Leagues United is the only youth flag league in San Diego that was founded with the specific mission of developing student athletes and providing valuable resources for our kids to succeed on and off the field.