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Become an NFLLU Coach

In order to get paid as an NFL Leagues United Coach
you must

1. Notify NFLLU

2. Complete Coaching Registration

3. Complete the Free Coaching Program

The path to becoming an NFL Leagues United coach and creating a positive impact on the lives of our young boys and girls starts with notifying NFL Leagues United of your interest in becoming a certified coach. Please send an email to with your request to become a coach, subject line Coaching Application. Please include desired league/s and division/s. Your assigned/desired league Site Director will reply with more information.

Once NFL Leagues United receives your initial notification email (see step 1), your assigned/desired league Site Director will send you an email with additional information including a link to complete your coaching registration with NFLLU (includes a background check) and information on how coaches are selected, assigned, and paid.

NFL Linebacker Freddie Keiaho against the RaidersNFL Leagues United coaches are required to complete a free 2-day coach training course run by former Indianapolis Colt and Super Bowl Champion Freddy Keiaho. Coaches will go through an extensive program where they will learn the skills and techniques necessary for coaching the development of our young athletes. In order to provide a hands on experience, the training program will include NFLLU prospective coaches as well as NFLLU athletes. Training includes philosophy, position specific techniques, drills, how to run a practice, how to prepare for game day, game management, player management, and parent management.




NFL Leagues United is the only youth flag league in San Diego that was founded with the specific mission of developing student athletes and providing valuable resources for our kids to succeed on and off the field.



NFL Leagues United Ambassadors